Clonmel - Meadow of Honey

Date: May 2018   Destination: Clonmel   Author: Tony Brosnan  
Clonmel  - Meadow of Honey

CLONMEL Meadow of Honey

As I sit here alone in the City
My thoughts are far - far far away
To my childhood and school days in Ireland
In the green grassy vale of Clonmel
I - remember those historical landmarks
The West Gate and St. Patrick’s Well
Clonmel Meadow of Honey I long to se you again.

In my youth the wide world was calling
A chance of my fortune to find
Tales from friends gone before me
Of what could be a world so divine
So here’s to my homeland of Ireland
A land that should always be mine
Clonmel Meadow of Honey I long to see you again

I regret the memories now fading
Of a life time I once left behind
The bright lights and lure of the city
In my youth they caused me to stray
If - I had my life to live over
I never would have sailed ‘cross the sea
Clonmel Meadow of Honey I long to see you again

Tony Brosnan…..08/05/2018.

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