"My Mary of The Curling Hair!"

Date: February 2018

Thanks to Aideen Eillison for nominating her parents. Their story is as follows:

They were married fifty years last September and have been together since my dad moved onto the road where my mum lived when he was sixteen and she was twelve.
She was mad about him and he her from day one as they both tell the story of how mum would stand bouncing tennis balls off the wall in the laneway waiting for my dad to come in on his bike so she could say hi to him. He still talks about her ringlets and sings an old song ‘My Mary of the curling hair’ to her.

When mum worked in Switzers, my dad used to bring her to and from work on the cross bar of his bike. They eventually got married in 1967 and as my mum’s mum died when mum was four, my dad took my grandad to live with them so my mum wouldn’t have to leave him behind.

They’ve been through everything together, heart attacks, by-passes, knee replacements and lung issues, mum is nearly 78 and dad is 82 in the summer but through it all they’ve never left each other’s side. My dad has been in hospital a lot over the years and mum sits with him for the whole day every day, just reading a book and holding his hand. Any time she’s been in, he’s done the same. They’re basically a double act, two halves of each other and completely inseparable. Even when they go over to do their weekly shop, and one goes to get something in one shop and one goes to another, as soon as they meet up again, there’s always a hug and a kiss even if they’re only apart for fifteen minutes.

I’m attaching one of the first pictures ever taken of them together, a pic of them on their wedding day, a pic that was taken of them at the Equality vote at Dublin Castle when they went over to show their support and one of all of us at their fiftieth celebrations last September.

We’d absolutely love for them to be included as a possible contender for Ireland’s most romantic couple.

Note: Unfortunately we can only include one photo with every entry.

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