Life is a big Adventure

Date: February 2018
Life is a big Adventure

We will be married 58 years in August this year. We met when we were 17 and married when we were 19. We have 3 children two girls 56 and 51 and a son 45. We lived in London for 10 years before returning home. We had very little money but our great sense of fun kept us going.We have been playing golf for 48 years and can manage 18 holes without a row.
Life for us has been an adventure we moved eleven times travelled to many places rode elephants got lost both at home and away my other half has no
sense of direction. We are still rocking and rolling as well as we did when we were 17.
Our love has grown over the years and really this has to be down to a mutual respect for each other's feelings and also we give each other space.
My husband is retired 18 years and is now a very good cook. He asked me on the first day of his retirement "what's for lunch" to which l replied "l don't do lunch"
and this has worked out.

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