Crystal Clear Romance

Date: February 2018
Crystal Clear Romance

Crystal Clear Romance!

In the Crystal Ballroom one Thursday night
You asked me to dance, it was love at first sight
Tall, dark, handsome and witty, it was so right
But I had a boyfriend, not with me that night

Eventualy ‘Crystal Boy’ won out
We were in love and everything was bright
Got married at 21 years young, our first house, a financial struggle won

But nothing compared to the arrival of our children, first, our baby son
A handsome boy, later a beautiful daughter, family joy, pride, delight,
And romance blossomed, that look, a wink, a gift, - each other’s number one
Abundant blessings we enjoyed, problems to come along

And together we were strong when things went wrong
Together, united, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on
Safe, secure and certain to be picked up after a fall

The Golden Years are better still, the freedom to come and go at will
But its so good to know you are near, so good to hear your key in the door
Your phone call to know ‘ What’s going on?’ Also, ‘ I’m at home, dinner won’t be long’

All gifts are well researched, I couldn’t choose better myself
Meals out are frequent and fabulous, needing no celebration, just an invitation
‘Let’s eat out tonight’, and off we go to partake of culinary skills and cosy conversations

And now to our secret that ‘ romance lives on’, a secret well known to one and all
The secret is LOVE : Love is beautiful, unconditional and strong
Love CONQUERS all !

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