The Contentment of Life

Date: February 2018
The Contentment of Life

Come sit beside me while I rest awhile,
In the garden where the memories we have sown.
True love in summer days when we were young.
And listen to birds sing summer songs.
To speak about the past, yes we are proud,
Not because of greatness we we found
You are the inspired person of our clan,
Four boys two girls you reared, good work you done.

In the autumn of our days transfigured tree's,
The shrubs are tall, flowers in blossom near.
Bee's still working nectar to find,
We sit here contented peace of mind.
Not yet to see the winter of our days,
Come hail or snow the sun still splits the clouds,
The flowers, shrubs and tree's in winter sleep,
Yet you and I a vigil do we keep.

Effulgence when in spring the cycle starts,
fifty five years ago you stole my heart.
Daffodils and crocus now in bloom,
futuristic though's can't see there any gloom.

I wrote this poem for my wife Margaret.

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