A Love That Still Burns Brightly

Date: February 2018
A Love That Still Burns Brightly

On Sunday morning next, the 28th January 2018, we will celebrate 40 years of marriage, our ruby wedding anniversary. I remember that morning so very clearly, our family home full of the people I love, my father, mother, brothers and sisters.

I got up at 6 o'clock that winter's morning - in five hours I would marry my fiancé. We had met the previous February, What a wonderfully happy day it was, full of love, happiness, laughter and the beginning of our dreams, our lives together.

The years that were to come, brought us great happiness with the birth of four sons, great sadness with the early death of family members and the passing of our parents. Family celebrations, family disputes, work, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, the unending job of rearing our sons. I remember also the pets that were part of our lives that brought us happiness, and sadness when they passed. Family holidays caught forever in photographs and videos. Graduations, jobs, the end of my husband’s career in retirement. My return to college and a new career in law.

So much has happened but the years have disappeared in the blink of an eye. We are the first of our families to reach 40 years of marriage. We look back in wonder at how quickly these happy years have flown. Next Sunday we plan to return to the church where we married, go to the site where the hotel where we had our reception stood. Spend time with those we have loved and those we now hold close.

What is the recipe for reaching a ruby wedding anniversary, is it romance, life, joys, sorrows or is it simply the combination of all of these things build on the foundation of love that started so long ago and still burns brightly.

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