The Sky's The Limit for This Happy Couple

Date: February 2018   Destination: Ireland   Author: Denis and Catherine McAuliffe  
The Sky's The Limit for This Happy Couple

My wife and I try to make every effort at enhancing our relationship together and even though we met and married late in life, we make every effort to enhance and bring joy to each other at every opportunity, for example, Catherine often surprises me with my favourite home cooked meal and she goes all out to make sure that its as good or not better then the last time she cooked it. In return I often spontaneously present her with a bouquet of flowers or a getaway break which on occasions might only be to the café for a coffee and sweet treat.

When we go to the park together, we often raise eyebrows when we go on the swings or the zip line. Once we were driving along and I noticed a sign for a horse breeding farm and I drove in and pretented that we were in the market for a racehorse, even though our back garden is just big enough for a tiny greenhouse to fit comfortably in! We always hold hands while walking down the street and constantly compliment each other on the little things that add up to us both having a wonderful marriage.

As we approach our retirement years the prospect of traversing the Camino or sky diving have been considered, and hopefully our romantic adventure in life will continue as we look forward to the spring of 2018 like we were teenagers and live happily together for many more years to come in golden Ireland in our golden years.

Catherine & Denis McAuliffe

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