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Due to unprecedented demand, we have added this new section to our website for our customers who do not want to pay a single supplement. The single supplement is an extra charge for people who prefer to have their own room in a hotel. Hotels tend to calculate their rates based on double occupancy and the supplement is a way to recoup their costs. However, it doesn't always seem fair to those of us who, either out of necessity or choice, sleep alone and who don't want to pay extra for the privelege!


We've been on the lookout for hotels in Ireland that do not charge a single supplement and you'll be pleased to find some great packages and offers for single travelers. If you can't find what you're looking for here, don't despair! It can be tough to avoid the supplement but not impossible. Always shop around and always ask! It pays to negotiate and some hotels may be flexible, particulalry during off-peak season and midweek.


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